“May your hand rot off, which you used to mutilate defenceless children!”

Kinderspital Zürich - Universitäts-Kinderklinik “Human Rights for Hermaphrodites too!” – Zurich, July 6, 2008 (Photo: Ärger)

From a speech by Daniela “Nella” Truffer to future doctors:

At two and a half months, they castrated me, threw my healthy testicles into the dust bin. The doctors decided, I should grow up as a girl, my parents were instructed accordingly. At seven, they shortened my ambiguous genital. After the surgery I went into shock, developed multiple haematoma and necrotic tissue. Pain and scars remained. That I could have died during these surgeries because of a serious heart condition, was of no interest to the doctors. At eighteen, a vagina was tinkered, where there was nothing before.

Personally, I don’t want to resort to an eye for an eye, though I admit to having thought about it, and I don’t want to have to be imprisoned even more on behalf of my castrators and genital mutilators.

So the only thing left for me is finding other ways of standing up for hermaphrodite children, so that at least they may live in the future. To be a voice for your future patients, to convince you, that cosmetic genital surgeries and other medically not necessary interventions violate human rights and must stop.

To all those among you, who in spite still choose pursuing a career as genital mutilators, to you I wish with all my heart, may a horde of crazed hermaphrodites find you, who will direct their anger not at themselves, but against you. May they turn your lives into hell with lawsuits for grievous bodily harm, may they ruin your reputation and plunder your bank accounts! And to those, who even then still don’t have enough, may your hand rot off, which you used to mutilate defenceless children! And perhaps, one day even a hermaphrodite will come to you with a pair of hedge shears, and will teach you what it feels like having to scrape a living with scarred genitals! And the same also to all of you, who, though you don’t perpetrate the mutilations by yourselves, still participate or look the other way.

However, to all those among you, who will abide by “first do no harm”, and one day will enter the medical profession in the name of humanity, to you, even more with all my heart, I wish you all the best for your future.

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2 thoughts on ““May your hand rot off, which you used to mutilate defenceless children!””

  1. This essay is so refreshing! The so-called “doctors” who mutilate the genitals of children need to hear this loud and clear.

  2. Thank you Nella. I could not have said it better and you say what I always wished I could have the opportunity to. Thank you sincerely!


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