About the NGO

StopIGM.org / Zwischengeschlecht.org, founded in 2007, is an international Human Rights NGO based in Switzerland. It is led by intersex persons, their partners, families and friends, and works to represent the interests of intersex people and their relatives, raise awareness, and fight IGM practices and other human rights violations perpetrated on intersex people, according to its motto, “Human Rights for Hermaphrodites, too!”.[1] According to its charter,[2] Zwischengeschlecht.org works to support persons concerned seeking redress and justice. StopIGM.org regularly reports to UN treaty bodies, often in in collaboration with local intersex advocates and organisations.[3]

[1]       https://Zwischengeschlecht.org/, English pages: http://StopIGM.org/
[2]       https://zwischengeschlecht.org/post/Statuten
[3]       http://intersex.shadowreport.org/