“You shouldn’t always talk about the surgeries!”

Zwischengeschlecht.org on Facebook Unfortunately still bears repeating (9):

Every time when I want to talk about IGM,
and in particular when I raise concerns
about the pain and suffering of IGM survivors
being used as a means to an end
for LGBT and gender politics,
my voice as an intersex person and IGM survivor
is drowned out, misrepresented and abused,
usually by somebody who is not an IGM survivor
cutting me off and changing the subject:

“And what about the 3rd gender? What about my identity?”

“You shouldn’t always talk about the surgeries.”

“You should better fight for the 3rd gender, and not for less.”

“Stop always talking about the surgeries.”

“Let’s better talk about gender recognition.”

“And what about discrimination?”


>>> Intersex human rights at the UN are under attack!!!

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