VIDEO: ‘Unnecessary & harmful’ – IGM Type 1: ‘Hypospadias Repair’, Pt. 2/4 – Tiger Devore

>>> VIDEO:  ‘First, there has to be a much greater understanding that this is a violation of human rights.’ In part 2, Dr. Tiger goes deeper into some of the medical myths surrounding ‘hypospadias repair,’ specifically that non-consensual early surgeries would actually help to pee standing and impregnate women, and denounces them for what they are: unnecessary and harmful.

IGM survivor and sex therapist Dr. Tiger Devore talks Intersex Genital Mutilation Type 1: ‘Masculinising Genital Corrections’: ‘Hypospadias Repair’ in this four part interview on a serious human rights violation, and shares encounters at a paediatric congress where dedicated perpetrators meet.

Filmed on occasion of nonviolent intersex protests vs. ‘6th I$HID Hypospadias Workshop’ with ‘Live surgery’, ‘5th I-D$D Symposium, and ‘1st D$Dnet Training School’ in June 2015.

Tiger Devore was one of the first survivors of IGM practices at all to speak out in public, and an excerpt (taken from the “STOP IGM Primer” (PDF)) of Tiger’s moving written personal testimony “Growning up in the surgical maelstrom” (1997) was recently quoted in a report “Human Rights and Intersex People” published by the Commissioner on Human Rights of the Council of Europe (COE). is proud to present this powerful interview series with Tiger talking truth to power. Parts 3-4 coming up soon …

>>> Intersex Protests + Info: ‘6th I$HID Hypospadias Live Surgery Workshop’

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