URGENT: Call to Sign Open Letter to ‘ESPE’ + French Intersex Genital Mutilators

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Photo: Intersex Protest #2 + Open Letters vs. ’51st ESPE’, Leipzig 21.09.2012

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Heidi Walcutt (1997): 'STOP Intersex Genital Mutilation'

Dear fellow campaigners, friends and allies

In 2016, France has been reprimanded 3 times by the UN for allowing Intersex Genital Mutilations to continue with impunity. Nonetheless, the daily mutilations continue, and over the next weekend IGM doctors from allover will flock to Paris to ‘ESPE 2016’ (see here).

Therefore, we are going to hand in another Open Letter to participating doctors and all known French IGM clinics and universities on occasion of peaceful protests, and ask everybody to sign it.
You can find the draft of the Open Letter (PDF) online here:

How to sign:
Please send us an email to daniela.truffer_at_gmx.ch (please replace _at_ by @) with your
– name,
– city,
– country,
– organisation (if appliccable)

(In case you want to name an organisation for identification purposes, but only sign the letter in personal capacity, just add ‘Personal Capacity, Affiliation given for identification purposes only’ behind your name and organisation, and we’ll add this in the letter.)

Please forward this invitation to other parties and individuals concerned. So there will be as many signatures as possible.

Please respond quickly! Thanks for adding your signature to let the doctors know that it’s NOT OK to cosmetically alter children’s genitals!

Kind regards

Daniela “Nella” Truffer, Markus Bauer
Founding members human rights NGO Zwischengeschlecht.org / StopIGM.org

vs. ‘ESPE 2016’ + ‘Hôpital Robert Debré’ + ‘Haute Autorité de Santé’ etc
• Fri 09.09. 19h INFO NIGHT @ Confédération Nationale du Planning Familial, Paris
• Sat 10. – Mon 12.09. FIVE NONVIOLENT PROTESTS (see details here)

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>>> Preaching CAIS Castration and Supposedly ‘High Cancer Risk’, again 

Zwischengeschlecht.org on Facebook

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