CRC77 > UN Press Release: “Genital Mutilation of Intersex Children in Spain” – But French Version Still Misrepresents IGM as “FGM” and “Surgery on Transgender Children” – OUCH!!!!

IGM = Torture, NOT 'Discrimination' or 'Gender Identity' on Facebook>>> The English UN press release on the review of Spain by the Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) adequately summarises the questions on Intersex Genital Mutilation by CRC experts Olga Khazova (and José Rodríguez) as well as the revealing (non-)replies by Spanish delegate Dña. Sagrario Mateu (Chief of Health Services for Mothers and Children). Thank you!
Whereas, unfortunately, the French version (see below) only gets the (non)-answers right – please do always use the correct terms!

These are the relevant excerpts on IGM in Spain in the >>> English UN press release:

«Second Round of Questions by the Committee Experts

OLGA KHAZOVA, Committee Expert and Rapporteur for Spain  […] As for intersex children, Ms. Khazova expressed concern about the still existing practice of non-consensual genital mutilation.  Was there a plan to stop such surgeries during infancy and postpone them until a later time when adolescents could make their own decisions?»

«Replies by the Delegation

[…] Intersex children were cared for by the mainstream healthcare services and they were treated as all other children.  There was no national registry of intersex children because autonomous communities collected their own data. Autonomous communities had their legal guidelines vis-à-vis intersex children, which were developed in consultation with specialists in the field.»

Unfortunately, the >>> French UN press release mentions no questions on intersex, but rather on “female genital mutilation” instead of IGM, and even worse, in the next sentence claims the issue would be to “stop surgical operations performed on transgender children” – despite the fact that CRC rapporteur Olga Khazova and CRC expert José Rodríguez both clearly spoke of “intersex children”, and NOT transgender children! OUCH!!!!! (As we didn’t listen in to the French simultaneous translation, we don’t know what terms were used there.)

«Questions et observations des membres du Comité
MME OLGA KHAZOVA, présidente du groupe de travail du Comité chargé de l’examen du rapport de l’Espagne […] Mme Khazova a ensuite fait état de la persistance de la pratique des mutilations génitales féminines en Espagne. Elle a en outre recommandé de mettre un terme aux opérations chirurgicales pratiquées sur des transgenres mineurs et de reporter ces procédures à un âge où leurs bénéficiaires peuvent valablement juger de leur pertinence.»

On the positive side, the French press release at least correctly summarised the answers on intersex children”:

«Réponses de la délégation […]
Les autorités sanitaires s’efforcent autant que possible d’éviter les interventions chirurgicales sur les enfants intersexués, dont le nombre est au demeurant très limité, a ensuite indiqué la délégation. Les personnels soignants sont formés à la manière d’orienter ces enfants vers les services compétents.»

Please do always use the correct terms in the future, thank you!

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>>> Intersex human rights at the UN are under attack!!!

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