OUCH!!! UN Press Release calls IGM survivors “transsexual children who underwent difficult surgeries”, and IGM “discrimination”! Guess why :-(

Intersex is NOT THE SAME as LGBT or SOGI  «Unfortunately, there are multiple, often interrelated harmful misconceptions about intersex still prevailing in public, notably if intersex and IGM are misrepresented as sexual orientation or gender identity issues. Regrettably, such misrepresentations seem to be on the rise also at the UN, for example in recent UN press releases and Summary records misrepresenting IGM as “sex alignment surgeries” (i.e. voluntary procedures on transsexual or transgender persons), IGM survivors as “transsexual children”, and intersex NGOs as “a group of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and intersex victims of discrimination” .»
2017 CRC76 Intersex Report Denmark (PDF), p. 3

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Unfortunately, on occasion of the review of Denmark during 76th Session of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) not only once more an LGBT organisation wilfully instrumentalised the pain and suffering of IGM victims for their own interests – but now again (!) both (!!) the English and the French UN press release issued after the hearing in Geneva just added two more salient examples of the endless onslaught of such harmful and damaging misrepresentations:

While the >>> French UN press release at least also mentioned intersex children, it nonetheless consistently misrepresented intersex genital mutilation as an alleged form of “discrimination against transgender and intersex children” (“discrimination dont sont victimes les enfants transgenres et intersexués au Danemark”).

Even worse, the >>> English UN press release didn’t even bother to name intersex children at all, but instead misrepresented IGM survivors as “transsexual children who underwent difficult treatments and surgeries”!! 

On top of all this, both press releases also entirely omitted the revealing (non-)answer of the Danish delegation, stretching credibility beyond belief by both denying and defending IGM at the same time: «Denmark plans to continue this practice of helping intersex children through genital surgery to overcome functional and practical difficulties, but surgery will always be based on a medical indication, and parents are always involved in the decision regarding the operation.»  >>> Full transcript of CRC67 Intersex Q&A Denmark

Instrumentalising Intersex Is NOT A Victimless Crime!

How much longer?!

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