UK Intersex Association welcomes UN verdict on IGM in UK

Photo: Dr Jay Hayes-Light (UKIA) addressing the Scottish Equality Network

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IGM = Hamful Practice on Facebook

‘The UK Intersex Association (UKIA) adds their voice and support from the UK and our Associated organisations in 25 other countries. UKIA is a research and education organisation and can confirm from our experience that IGM is both physically and mentally harmful, with the potential to affect an individual’s sense of self, personal confidence and ability to integrate fully into society.

We and many others who have in-depth knowledge and experience of intersex conditions are in agreement that a child born intersex is first and foremost a child, with potential to develop along the same pathway as any other child and unwarranted, non-medically necessary surgery with associated post-surgical complications and follow-up examinations can and often does, affect the ability of  many such children to fully develop into a self-confident adult.

CURRENTLY, non medically neccessary IGM is legally sanctioned in several countries depite evidence that it can be defined as abuse. Such practices must be stopped.

Dr. Jay Hayes-Light
Director – UK Intersex Association

>>> Genital mutilation on the NHS: UN reprimand UK + Nepal
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Intersex Genital Mutilations in the UK: 2016 UN-CRC Report 
Human Rights Violations Of Persons With Variations Of Sex Anatomy
IGM – Most Common Forms  What is Intersex?  A Harmful Practice
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