Alice Dreger and Tiger Devore on ending Intersex Genital Mutilations on Facebook

Hear, hear! Powerful new statements by Alice Dreger and Tiger Devore, rejecting excuses and deflections of IGM doctors aimed at just continuing with criminal mutilations for as lang as anyhow possible, and calling for applying human rights standards, incuding access to redress and justice for survivors!

This blog says Thank you!

See links and quotes relating to the two statements:

>>> Alice Dreger: “Rejecting the Tranquilizing Drug of Gradualism in Intersex Care”
Alice Dreger, the academic with the arguably longest and strongest track record of publicly criticising IGM perpetrators (e.g. Dix Poppas + Maria New), in a companion piece to Tiger’s (see below), announces her departure from “scientific intersex projects” funded by NIH and AAMC, recognizing their approach «as constituting what Dr. King called “the tranquilizing drug of gradualism”»: «I can’t continue to help develop “conversations” around “shared decision making” that allow decisions to be made that I believe violate the most basic rights of these children.»

>>> Tiger Devore: “Statement”
«The surgeries will stop, by legal action, and by recognition of the rights of the child to bodily integrity and self determination over the psychological comfort of the parents who don’t want to have given birth to a “deformed” child. The experiment of surgery on genitalia to “normalize” naturally occurring variants that pose no medical risk has failed. The faster the medical community recognizes this and stops this arrogant practice, the smaller the settlement funds for non consenting experimental subjects like me will have to be.»

>>> VIDEO: Tiger Devore talks IGM Type 1: ‘Hypospadias Repair” – Part 1/4

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