Policy on Reporting to UN Treaty Bodies

Human Rights For Hermaphrodites Too! on regularly reports to UN Treaty bodies on different countries, often in collaboration with local intersex advocates and organisations. Our goal is to obtain as many and as strong “Concluding Observations” recognising intersex and IGM as a serious violation of non-derogable human rights as possible, in order to increase the pressure on IGM perpetrators. Our work substantially contributed to the so far 31 UN reprimands for IGM. In our experience collaborative reports are more effective than individual ones, but the most important factor is the quality of the evidence and testimonies provided. Recently there have been questions about how we submit reports and collaborate with local intersex advocates and organisations. We welcome this opportunity to outline our policy, and appreciate feedback and comments. Policy on Submitting Country Reports on Intersex and IGM to UN Treaty Bodies

  • We only submit reports when we feel there is substantial evidence and/or personal testimony corroborating IGM practices and the complicity of the State party in question to have at least a fighting chance to obtain strong recommendations, and to continue to do so in the future
  • We always consult with local intersex advocates and organisations
  • We always offer collaborating (i.e. writing a report together), coordinating (writing separate reports, but coordinate) or further consulting (keeping each other/the others in the loop) with any local intersex advocate and organisation, and generally with anyone capable of contributing, to be able to submit the best possible report(s) in order to obtain the strongest possible recommendations
  • We always give due credit to local and other intersex advocates and organisations strictly based on merit, and always give sources for evidence we use
  • In case of local intersex advocates or organisations declining to collaborate/coordinate/further consult, we reserve the right to submit reports either in collaboration with other local intersex advocates or organisations, or on our own
  • In case of other advocates or organisations not honouring their promises/commitments/deadlines or resorting to tactics incompatible with constructive collaboration (e.g. plagiarism, smearing or bullying), we reserve the right to proceed with submitting referenced evidence without further consultation, collaboration and/or coordination, until further constructive collaboration, coordination and/or consultation is possible again

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