Lawson Wilkins et al. (1958, 1971): Cosmetic clitoris amputations and other ‘corrective surgical procedures’ on intersex children (3)

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Intersex Genital Mutilations: No Reckoning, No ReconciliationProf. Dr. Lawson Wilkins, the ‘inventor’ of systematic early cosmetic surgeries on children born with ‘atypical’ sex anatomies, and name patron of today’s North American ‘[Lawson Wilkins] Pediatric Endocrine Society ([LW]PES)’, contributed a foreword to the 1958 revised edition of Hugh Hampton Young’s ‘classic’ intersex genital mutilators’ bible: on Facebook [ click to enlarge ] Lawson Wilkins’ foreword to the 1958 edition, referring to Hugh Hampton Young’s 1937 ‘classic’  1st edition, and boasting of corrective procedures and exploratory laparotomies on large numbers of patients studied in the gynecologic, urologic and pediatric endocrine clinic at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.’

The most common ‘corrective surgical procedure’ until the 1980s was cosmetic amputation of ‘enlarged clitorises’ on children, as featured in the 1958 edition on p 278-79 (and unchanged also in the 1971 3rd edition on p 340-41)

[ click to enlarge TRIGGER WARNING!!!] ‘FIG. 325. A. The amputation of the phallus with transfixion of the stump. […] C. Final stage of the operation showing a tiny cosmetic clitoris. The size of this clitoris will vary from case to case and gives a remarkably normal appearance to the external genitalia especially after some pubic hair appears.’

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Lawson Wilkins: “Amputation of the clitoris at the earliest possible time”
to prevent “anxiety in parents” (2) on Facebook

Intersex Genital Mutilations
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