PLEASE SIGN! Justice for Shanti Soundarajan!

Nonviolent Intersex Protest + Open Letter by, IOC HQ 19.11.2009

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The Tamil-Indian intersex athlete Shanti Soundarajan was arbitrarily banned from further competition without proper possibility to appeal, submitted to public shaming and exposure, and arbitrarily stripped of her honourably won medals. To this day, she lives a precarious existence – and fights for justice. To this day, the Indian state and national athletics association refuse to support her case – arguably also because because she was born a Dalit.

A current online petition makes 2 minimal demands:

  1. Her name be put back on the official record of winners in the races she won.

  2. The government gives her a permanent job to rebuild her life.

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The international intersex human rights NGO / has been criticising the intolerable actions of international sports federations against (suspected) intersex athletes for more than 8 years.

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