“Intersex human rights used as queer bait by political parties” – GayIceland, 24.02.2018

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Human Rights For Hermaphrodites Too!>>> Brilliant op-ed by Roald Viðar Eyvindsson, also re-published here, on the proposed legal ban on circumcision (of boys, girls and intersex children!) in Iceland.

Finally an ally who says it as it is! Thank you!

From the op-ed titled “The ban on circumcision in Iceland: Humanity or hipocrisy?”, addressing the discrepancy between the public uproar when it’s about FGM in Africa or religiously (non-christian) motivated “male circumcision” vs. the complicit silence and pervasive instrumentalisation when it comes to Intersex Genital Mutilation:

“[…] is it maybe because it’s harder to cry out that human rights are being violated when they are violated by your own country and have been for decades and you can‘t blame them on smaller communities which customs you find gruesome?”

“[…] why hasn’t the Icelandic parliament taken action in the matters of intersex people when genital procedures done on intersex children clearly violate their human rights? Why is it starting to look like our MP’s generally don‘t take a serious interest in the human rights of intersex people at all? Are we to believe that protecting the rights of intersex people is merely something that political parties like to put in their policies and use as queer bait before elections?”

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>>> Intersex human rights at the UN are under attack!!!

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