Intersex Genital Mutilations: “An assault on children too young to consent” – From “Hypospadias Cripple” to “Failed Hypospadias”

>>> “Failed Hypospadias Repair” (PDF) [TRIGGER WARNING!!!] Revealing presentation by specialised surgeon Guido Barbagli (Arezzo, Italy) about a “growing industry”, catering to survivors of childhood cosmetic genital surgeries originally hailed as “triumphs” by feckless pedo-surgeons, but later “breaking down” as “natural evolution over time of hypospadias repair”, causing loss of sensation, lifelong pain and trouble.

>>> Hypospadias surgery: “an assault on children too young to give consent” (MailOnline 11.11.14) – Big kudos to the survivors speaking out bravely – and to MailOnline for bringing this up! However, beware of stigmatising language in the article – still a far cry, Mail! Also, will the “monitoring” announced by doctors really be anything more than just another cop-out for even more medically unnecessary, non-consensual “surgical repair”? on Facebook

Intersex Genital Mutilations • 17 Most Common Forms
Human Rights Violations Of Children With Variations Of Sex Anatomy
IGM – Historical Overview  What is Intersex?  How Common are IGMs?
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2 thoughts on “Intersex Genital Mutilations: “An assault on children too young to consent” – From “Hypospadias Cripple” to “Failed Hypospadias””

  1. Does anyone have a connection with me? In 1965 somewhere near Minneapolis, I was taken to a place that looked like an office and kept over night – I was three years old. My mother said that I was supposed to have a catheterization and no surgery was ever planed. In the middle of the night I awoke to unimaginable pain – lurched forward and saw the doctor cutting my penis in half and had several nurses holding me in place. One of the Nurses put the heal of her hand in my mouth and kept repeating “It’s okay. You can bite me.” After I found I had strings coming out of holes on the under side of my penis. Later, when I was 30, I had an infection and my penis became very long – after about a week, something began to emerge from my urethra and it looked like a cellophane tube. I pulled it out and it was about 4 inches long – it was in there for 25 years?!!! According to my mom, our pediatrician (Dr. Semsch from Orono MN) made a formal complaint to the Board of Medicine and the doctor who did this to me (supposedly) lost his license. I’ve never seen any printed records of what happened to me – what was done – what the doctors said. Did anyone else have a similar experience in the Minneapolis area during the 1960’s? If so please contact me: Thank you.

  2. Continuing previous comment: I didn’t have hypospadias per se. My penis is normal size and urethra comes out slightly below the tip but as ‘normal’. I had some form of urethral narrowing as an infant. I was nonetheless treated to the lengthwise dissection of my penis and attached ‘pulling’ threads at age three – without anesthetic. The doctor told my mother “Children don’t feel pain” and “He won’t remember.” I remember it perfectly and it was unbelievably painful. I had only one operation – unplanned and totally unnecessary. This surgery is a crime against humanity.


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