Intersex Awareness Day 2018: The Struggle for Justice Continues

“Human Rights For Hermaphrodites Too!”
: 1st Intersex Protest at Zurich University Children’s Hospital, 06.07.2008

Human Rights For Hermaphrodites Too! on Facebook26 October is Intersex Awareness Day.

This year we would like to recall the suffering of the victims of soon-to-be 60 years of systematic IGM practices, in the establishment and dissemination of which the Zurich University Children’s Hospital (Kispi) played an important role globally (see CRC NGO Report, PDF p. 54–56).

And to protest once more against the appalling injustice, how to this day the dignity of IGM survivors and their right to truth, justice and reparation are disgracefully trampled on by those responsible.

Zurich University Children’s Hospital: Destruction of medical records instead of reappraisal

An example of this is the shocking story of Erich Marti (see CRC NGO Report, PDF p. 54–56), who was subjected to unnecessary cosmetic genital surgery at Kispi Zurich in 1945 and 1946, whereupon his operated genital became extremely touch-sensitive, so that it always hurts strongly when aroused. Like most Intersex children, Erich Marti was lied to all his life – by his parents, by the Kispi doctors and by his family doctor. To this day he does not know what was done to him as a child and suffers from this uncertainty.

When in 2016 the Children’s Hospital and the University of Zurich announced that, as part of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Project No. 169575, they would be “reviewing” the treatment of children with variations of sex development (DSD) at the Zurich University Children’s Hospital and making the medical records available to those affected in the Zurich State Archives, Erich Marti regained hope – only to be shamefully deceived and bitterly disappointed again.

Despite protests from persons concerned, the Zurich Children’s Hospital and University had about 80% of all relevant medical records destroyed beforehand – apparently also those of Erich Marti (see 2017 CAT NGO Report, PDF p. 9). For when he, with the support of the human rights group, asked the State Archives for access, his medical records were no longer there – the only thing left was an entry in the register, which confirmed, however, that Erich Marti had been operated twice in the pediatric surgery department of the Kispi in 1945 and 1946!

Mon 29.10.2018: Non-partisan initiative in the Cantonal Council of Zurich

Intersex: No Reckoning, No Reconciliation! Next Monday, a non-partisan initiative will be submitted to the Cantonal Council of Zurich – more on this soon!

After an interpellation in the National Council and the motion in the Cantonal Council of Geneva, this is already the 3rd parliamentary initiative in Switzerland this year due to the work of /

We are also staying on the ball internationally: Due to a joint shadow report and testimonies of IGM survivors, Mexico was condemned for the first time this year by a UN treaty body – as were Liechtenstein, Luxembourg Spain and Argentina! There were further condemnations this year for Chile, Australia and New Zealand. And the Women’s Rights Committee CEDAW questioned Nepal this week – hopefully followed by another reprimand for “harmful cultural practices” on Intersex children in November.

We wish everyone a fighting Intersex Awareness Day 2018!

Hermaphrodites With Attitude, Boston 26.10.1996On 26 October, Intersex People, Survivors, Partners, Families, Friends and Allies around the globe celebrate Intersex Awareness Day, commemorating the very first INTERSEX PROTEST in Boston in 1996 against the Annual Convention of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and in support of over 20 Years of Organised Struggle to End INTERSEX GENITAL MUTILATIONS.

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