“Hiding the Clitoris”: A new IGM Practice emerging from Britain

IGM = Torture, NOT 'Discrimination' or 'Gender Identity' Zwischengeschlecht.org on FacebookIGM doctors are not stupid, they know their practice is increasingly in the spotlight, so they do what they can to muddy the waters and keep practicising.

A well known example is the good old “divide and conquer” by splitting intersex children in a) the big group of “boys and girls with a little problem we can fix surgically” vs. b) the small group of DSD with a gender issue where we rarely do surgery anyway”, which continues to be a major score for IGM doctors in keeping the practice in public university hospitals ongoing but hidden from public or political scrutiny.

Also IGM doctors are aware that whenever intersex surgery is discussed in public, clitoral surgery is the most controversial topic. Creative perpetrators from the UK now found a new way of falsifying the statistics to their advantage, and to hide genital mutilation of intersex children behind flowery “more acceptable” language like “Surgical operations which hide an enlarged clitoris” (also favoured by Amnesty London).

From the forthcoming 2017 CRPD UK NGO Report (PDF | DOC) by StopIGM.org, IntersexUK, The UK Intersex Association and Leslie Jaye:

2.  Additional Recent Evidence of the Ongoing Practice in the UK (2016-2017)

a) “Hiding the Clitoris”: A new IGM Practice emerging from Britain

“Hiding the Clitoris” is a comparatively new surgical practice on the rise in England wherein a cut around an “enlarged” clitoris is made and thereafter the clitoral hood is pulled over the clitoris and sewn close in order to “hide” the “enlarged” clitoris.

In clinics where this practice is performed, in official statistics it is not listed under clitoral surgery but under “vaginal reconstruction”, as doctors argue they would only cut around the clitoris. In fact, in some clinics where doctors distinguish between intersex girls with CAH who had or had not clitoral surgery, all in the group of “no clitoral surgery” still had this new form of “hiding the clitoris” done in infancy.

Despite that such a procedure on a “normal” girl would be considered as FGM and illegal in the UK, on “subhuman intersex girls” this practice is not only deemed acceptable but even declared by doctors as only “vaginal surgery”.

>>> 2017 CRPD UK NGO Report (PDF | DOC)

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