Germany > UN Press Release Highlights Intersex Genital Mutilation on FacebookIGM = Torture, NOT 'Discrimination' or 'Gender Identity'During its 66th Session in Geneva, the UN Committee against Torture (CAT) questioned Germany about Intersex Genital Mutilations (IGM), based on damning evidence and personal testimony provided by in a NGO report and in a private meeting with the Committee.

In her (non-)answer to the question, the Head of the German Delegation basically repeated the ever same empty promises of “action as soon as we analysed the proceedings of the last expert meeting” (after wich, according to the usual pattern of more than 20 years documented in the NGO report on p. 25, inevitably no action follows, but instead yet another mutilator-friendly “expert meeting” or “study” to “further evaluate the situation”). Next, she quickly but unsurprisingly tried to reframe the issue from involuntary non-urgent surgery on healthy children a.k.a. IGM practices to “gender-affirming treatments” (i.e. consensual procedures on adult trans persons) and generally to LGBT and trans topics, repeatedly referring to “queer living” flyers and “rainbow online portals” (see full transcript in german).

This intersex Q&A was also summarised in the UN press release of Germany’s review as follows:

“Committee against Torture examines the situation in Germany”
>>> UN Press Release (30.04.2019)

Questions by the Committee Experts

CLAUDE HELLER ROUASSANT, Committee Co-Rapporteur for Germany […] Mr. Heller Rouassant raised concern about the non-consensual genital mutilation of intersex persons, as 1,700 operations had been conducted without consent and not for urgent reasons.


Responses by the Delegation

[…] The current Coalition Government included in its work programme the adoption of a statutory regulation to prevent unnecessary operations on intersex children.  Sex alignment surgery was only allowed if it was a life-saving measure.  A brochure for parents had been issued which encouraged the parents not to resort to surgery. […]

>>> Full Timeline CAT Germany 2011-2019

2019-CAT-Germany-NGO-Intersex-StopIGMIGM in Germany: 2019 CAT Report
Human Rights Violations Of Children With Variations Of Reprod. Anatomy
IGM in Germany • Stats • Complicity of the State • Inhuman Treatment
>>> Download as PDF (679 kb)

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