“eUROG€N”: More €U Millions for Intersex Genital Mutilators (1)

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State-sponsored Intersex Genital Mutilation stays in business – (not only) allover the EU and associated states.
or “European Reference Networks” are the next batch of €uro millions over the next 5 years to practice and proliferate IGM, paid out to the usual international consortium of Intersex Genital Mutilators represented mainly in the 2 ERNs, “eUROG€N” or “Network Urogenital Diseases”, and “Endo-€RN” (more soon), as well as their regional trade organisations including ESPU, ESPE, ESE and EAU.

>>> “eUROG€N” self-presentation March 2017 (PDF)
3rd conference on European Reference Networks, Vilnius, 9 March 2017
>>> Open Letter by Persons Concerned, Partners, Families, Friends and Allies (PDF) with 92 101 signatories to ‘I-DSD’, ‘DSDnet’, ‘eUROGEN’, ‘Endo-ERN’, ‘DSD-Life’ and Affiliates including 115 EU-funded IGM clinics in 27 countries.

“The ERN initiative receives support from several EU funding programmes, including the Health Programme, the Connecting Europe Facility and Horizon 2020.”ERN 2017 Brochure (PDF), p.8

This renewed €uro injection comes timely for the IGM perpetrators, as current funding vehicles “D$Dnet” and “D$D-Life” will expire in 2018, same as predecessors “EuroD$D” and “Netzwerk D$D/Intersexualität” earlier. From early on, both the “European Association of Urology (EAU)” and the “European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology (ESPE)” have been actively involved in securing this funding.

(Meanwhile in the States, ‘to keep pace with’ these EU ‘advances in basic and clinical DSD research’, the NIH keeps funding a similar ‘D$D Transnational Research Network’ for U.S. mutilators – as do other public bodies in other regions, too.)

“eUROG€N Work Stream 1” includes all of the most frequent forms of IGM practices.

The paeditaric urologists of “eUROG€N” represent the most prominent speciality of paediatric surgeons actually wielding the knife in IGM practices and, together with their buddies, the paediatric endocrinologists, they are the main culprits in the “interdisciplinary groups” leading the systematic practice since 1950.

“eUROG€N Work Stream 2” includes further “rare conditions” and “highly specialised” surgical “reconstructions”, and is led by a notorious public advocate and perpetrator of IGM practices, from a public University Hospital which has been a notorious advocate and perpetrator of IGM practices for over 60 years, and both the hospital and Prof Fisch tried in vain to pressure intersex activists including Zwischengeschlecht.org to take down posts denouncing them as genital mutilators. (Picture: “eUROG€N” self-presentation, PDF)

Compared to the more “purist” approach of precursor funding vehicles “DSDnet” and “DSD-Life”, as well as predecessors “EuroDSD” and “Netzwerk DSD/Intersexualität”, “eUROGEN” does its best to muddy the waters by also including non-DSD-related actual medical issues like for example penile and abdominal cancer in the “eUROGEN Work Stream 3” (as does “Endo-ERN” by including “Gender Dysphoria” and “Disorders of sex maturation (DSM)”), leading to some perpetrators lamenting less generous funding.

“MoH of Lithuania”, “European Commission”, “Under the Auspices of Malta EU 2017”:
Logos displayed at the 2017 €RN “Kick-Off” Conference in Vilnius (Official Report, PDF)

Nonetheless, this “camouflage” still seems to work wonders on willing politician accomplices, as demonstrated amongst others by the Maltese Health Minister publicly welcoming this public funding of IGM perpetrators and practices this spring (despite that IGM is – at least on paper – prohibited in Malta), and the Maltese Member of the ERM Board of Member States (BoMS) in her presentation (PDF, p. 6) unwillingly highlighted the quite common State practice (particularly within the Comonwealth) of sending intersex children “overseas” for IGM, by underlining Malta’s long “special” relationship with notorious IGM perpetrator “Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH)” in London.

How much longer?!!

>>> Open Letter by Persons Concerned, Partners, Families, Friends and Allies (PDF) with 92 101 signatories to ‘I-DSD’, ‘DSDnet’, ‘eUROGEN’, ‘Endo-ERN’, ‘DSD-Life’ and Affiliates including 115 EU-funded IGM clinics in 27 countries.

>>> EU Parliament condemns IGM, calls “to prevent, ban and prosecute”

>>> EU: Biggest funder of IGM – how much longer?!
‘D$Dnet’ – EU Millions for IGM Perpetrators
‘D$D-Life’ – The Global IGM Cartel Explained

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