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Daniela Truffer testifying to IGM in the United Kingdom to CRPD, Geneva 21.08.2017 on FacebookAt the 18th Session of the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), before the UK was questioned over Intersex Genital Mutilations, NGOs had the possibility to brief CRPD. During the following Q&A, there was also a question by a Committee member on statistics of IGM in the UK.
Read below the 2-minutes oral statement by Daniela Truffer on behalf of the UK Intersex NGO Coalition + a Q&A summary: 
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Intersex NGO Coalition:
Oral Statement CRPD18 UK, 21.08.2017 • IntersexUK • The UK Intersex Association

Daniela Truffer

Thank you.

I’m an intersex person and survivor of involuntary sterilising procedures and genital surgery, speaking on behalf of my UK peers on articles 16 and 17.

As shown in our 2 NGO reports, [1] in the UK children with so called “ambiguous” genitalia are still castrated, have their genitals cut and sliced, are submitted to forced hormonal treatment, unnecessary genital exams, vaginal dilations, medical display, and human experimentation. [2]

All advocated and paid for by the public National Health Service (NHS), [3] because all 4 countries still consider intersex to be a disability in the medical definition, and healthy intersex children as “defect”, “deformed” and in need to be “fixed”. [4]

CRC [5] has already recommended the UK to protect intersex children from unnecessary treatment, to provide families with adequate counselling and support, and to provide redress to the victims. However, the State party fails to act.

Also the UK’s non-answers regarding intersex to the List of Issues demonstrate the persistent denial of any human rights violation.

To this day, the UK tries to misrepresent institutionalised violence, ill-treatment and harmful practices perpetrated on intersex children [6] as supposedly genuine health care instead.

We would therefore like to recall the severe pain and suffering caused by non-consensual, unnecessary treatments, including loss or impairment of sexual sensation, painful scarring, impairment or loss of reproductive capabilities, lifelong dependency on artificial hormones, increased self-harm and suicide, and lifelong mental suffering and trauma. [7]

We therefore hope that the Committee will ask the delegation tough questions on IGM, and will sternly remind the UK of its obligations under the Convention. [8]

Thank you.

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In the following Q&A with the Committee, CRPD expert Mr. Martin acknowledged our contributions and asked about statistics on forced treatments also generally on persons with disabilities in the UK.

Replying on intersex, Daniela referred to the partial NHS data available for england referenced in the Report for the List of Issues (LOI) on p. 11-13 ( DOC | PDF), indicating annually about 450 removals of testes on children, plus around 15 surgeries on the clitoris, as well as higher numbers of vaginal surgery, and around 2400 ”masculinising” “hypospadias repair” surgeries annually just in England.

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