“Compounding the Harm of IGM” – Ellen Feder says it as it is

Zwischengeschlecht.org on Facebook Intersex: No Reckoning, No Reconciliation!>>> Excellent post by Ellen Feder on the typical (non-)reaction of the IGM surgeon Terry Hensle when confronted by survivor Saifa Wall in a ground-breaking segment of “Nightline”, laying bare the continuation of abuse due to the ongoing lack of willlingness of  the perpetrators to engage in reconciliation: 

[I]n refusing to recognize his responsibility to repair the harm he has caused, Hensle commits another harm. As Margaret Walker has argued in her book, Moral Repair, to turn away from the task of repair, “is not only not to do something, it is to do wrong once again”:

Failures to repair wrongs are additional wrongs that create additional obligations to repair the failures. Where wrongs persist unrepaired repeatedly, in an extended series of refusals or failures to repair, the lack of reparative effort on the part of those responsible for repair accrues layers of disregard, indifference, disrespect, contempt, belittlement, or intended careless humiliation.

Thanks, Ellen Feder and Saifa Wall!

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