“Stop ‘ISHID’ Genital Mutilators!” – London, Sept 15-19, 2011

Stop 'ISHID' Genital Mutilators! London, September 15-19 -- /> stop.genitalmutilation.org >>> Photoreport of Protest #1 by Behzad on demotix – Thanks!


Today marks the beginning of the ‘IV. World Conference of Genital Mutilators in Children’s Clinics’ a.k.a. ‘ISHID 2011’ at the Royal College of Surgeons, picketed by survivors remembering the victims and commemorating 15 years of peaceful protests against their tormentors.

During their first peaceful vigil today, the former victims will remember the first public protest by survivors against the mutilators organised by the Intersex Society of North America (ISNA), when ‘Hermaphrodites with Attitude’ took to the streets picketing the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Pediatricians in Boston on October 26th 1996.   >>> read more

>>> Video ‘Three Vigils’ (10:24)     >>> Flyer A4 (PDF 1.7MB)TRIGGER WARNING!!!
>>> Open Letter to ‘ISHID 2011’, RCS, GOSH and UCH


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