Pinkwashing of Intersex Genital Mutilations at the UN – CCPR120

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When questioned over IGM practices at the UN, complicit States regularly deny the ongoing practice, then try to change the topic by switching to LGBT, SOGI, discrimination, civil registration language and issues instead – as can once more be observed in the following account of the intersex Q&A of Switzerland at the 120th Session of the Human Rights Committee (HRCttee) taken from the >>> corresponding UN press release:

(And yes, Switzerland is yet another State directly financing the ongoing genital mutilations of its intersex children – via the “Swiss Federal Disability Insurance (IV)” considering intersex as a “Birth Defect” no less, see NGO Report p. 8-10)

« Questions by Committee Experts

What was the position of the State party on the so-called corrective surgery on intersex children?

Replies by the Delegation

The Swiss anti-discrimination law did not have a special provision on sexual orientation and gender identity, but that would soon change. The draft bill tried to ensure that anyone speaking against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex persons was criminally liable. As for the Government’s attitude regarding surgery on intersex children, it believed that surgery should not take place unless it was absolutely necessary from the medical point of view. The civil registry could be modified with respect to sex changes.

Second Round of Questions by Experts

What were the practical steps taken by the State party to raise awareness among medical practitioners and the general public in order to prevent unnecessary genital reassignment surgery?

Replies by the Delegation

Switzerland was concerned about the issue of reconstructive surgery for intersex children. There had so far not been a case of reparations with respect to sexual reassignment surgery. »

How much longer?!

>>> Bearing witness to IGM @ CCPR120 Switzerland + CEDAW67 Italy

>>> CCPR120 > TRANSCRIPT + VIDEO: Switzerland Questioned over IGM
>>> CCPR120 UN Press release english | français
>>> Video Session 1
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>>> CEDAW67 UN Press Release on NGO Briefing english | français 
>>> Video Session 2 @ 1:58h 

NGO Report to the 4th Periodic Report of Switzerland on the  International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (CCPR)

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