‘Only the Fear of the Judge Will Make IGM Perpetrators Change’

>>> Partial Translation of the “Tribune de Genève” Article with Dr Blaise Meyrat

Unfortunately still bears repeating (10):

Misrepresenting Intersex Genital Mutilation as a “health care issue” and merely calling for “self regulation” by doctors and health ministries (as e.g. advocated by Amnesty London) won’t stop IGM, and neither will toothless laws or regulations without actual consequences for both perpetrators and accessories (like in Malta, Argentina or Chile).

Only adequately sanctioning or criminalizing IGM, incuding suspension or extension of statutes of limitations to ensure access to justice and redress for adult survivors will make a difference!

IGM is a CRIME and a Serious Violation of Non-Derogable Human Rights, NOT ‘Health Care’!

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