WTF?! Nothing “Normal” About Intersex Genital Mutilations! on FacebookUnfortunately still bears repeating (6):

« I really cringe every time anyone brings up this damaging euphemism, “normalizing surgery”, negating the human rights issues involved [1] and giving IGM docs and complicit politicians a through pass for denial [2] – what’s wrong with “involuntary non-urgent treatments” [3], or “non-consensual, medically unnecessary and irreversible treatments” [4] on intersex children, which at least denote clearly that it’s neither “normal” nor OK – or how about simply spelling it out like it is, INTERSEX GENITAL MUTILATIONS! [5] »    – Daniela Truffer

Intersex Genital Mutilations ≠ “Normal”





[5] WARNING!!!    

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