Prof. Dr. John Gearhart (‘WOFAPS 2013′, ’25th ESPU 2014’) on Orgasmic Function after Intersex Clitoris Amputations: ‘Adequate intercourse was defined as successful vaginal penetration’ on Facebook>>> Open Letter of Concern to ‘WOFAPS 2013’ Surgeons (PDF)

Cheryl Chase, Founder of ISNA and “Hermaphrodites With Attitude”, on a familiar Intersex Genital Mutilators’ ruse:

Cheryl Chase: 'Hermaphrodites With Attitude' (1997)

»Notice how John Gearhart, a noted specialist in genital surgery for intersex children, evades questioning about orgasmic function following the presentation of his paper on additional surgeries for repair of vaginas surgically constructed in intersex infants. ([…] the discussion was published in the Journal of Urology along with the paper.)

Dr. Frank: How do you define successful intercourse? How many of these girls actually have an orgasm, for example? How many of these had a clitorectomy [clitoris amputation], how many a clitoroplasty, and did it make any difference to orgasm?

Dr. Gearhart: Interviews with the families were performed by a female pediatric surgeon who is kind and caring, and who I think got the maximum information from these patients. Adequate intercourse was defined as successful vaginal penetration…. (Bailez et al., 1992, p. 684)«

Cheryl Chase: “Affronting Reason” (1995). In: Looking Queer, ed Atkins, 1998, p205-219

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