Video “Intersexion” (2011): Survivors speak out

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NEW: Lowrez 68 minutes version resurfaced on vimeo! The video will probably be taken down again soon, so enjoy while it lasts.

44 min. Video: Intersex Activist Mani Bruce Mitchell (NZ) interviews fellow survivors around the globe, a.o. Bo Laurent a.k.a. Cheryl Chase (USA), Sally Gross (ZA), Michel Reiter (D), Peter Trinkl (USA), Tiger Howard Devore (USA), David Cameron (USA), Suegee Tamar-Mattis (USA), Gina Wilson (AU), Esther Leidolf Morris (USA), Gavan Coleman (IR), Hida Viloria (USA), Caitlin Petrakis Childs (USA), Jen Pagonis (USA), Lynnell Stephani Long (USA), Dani Lee Harris (USA). TV-documentary by Grant Lahood (NZ).

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