VIDEO: Intersex “Protest against ‘Genital Mutilation'” – AVS TV Belgium

TV boss saw our rally from car on way to work – >>> Belgian station AVS reports on the Intersex Protests (machine translation):

“In Ghent this week a symposium on “disorders of sex development.” At 1 in 4,000 children born in Belgium, doctors can not really tell whether it is a boy or a girl. Sometimes these children are then operated on. According to an international activist group it comes to genital mutilation.” Thanks!

>>> Intersex Protests + Info: Belgium, June 7-13 • Germany June 21-24

VIDEO Action vs. ‘I-D$D’ Genital Mutilators!
4th I-D$D Symposium, Glasgow 2013
Thanks to Richard Duncker (MenDoComplain)

>>> on Vimeo

VIDEO Action vs. ‘ISHID’ Live Mutilators!
IV ISHID World Congress, London 2011
Thanks to Richard Duncker (MenDoComplain)
>>> on Youtube

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