EU biggest funder of Intersex Genital Mutilation – how much longer?!

Unfortunately still bears repeating (7):

The EU is arguably the biggest funder of IGM perpetrators in the world, paying out millions and millions of Euros to ‘research’ projects run by well-known mutilators. On the other hand, for the victims of IGM the EU has only ‘strong regrets’, and fig leaf ‘anti-discrimination initiatives’

For example the COST-funded ‘D$Dnet’ openly operates under the premise that IGM practices are A-OK, since intersex children ‘may be extremely challenging for families and health care professionals’, or prone to ‘malignant development’ (“Memorandum of Understanding”, PDF –> p 4):

‘DSDnet’ consists of well-known IGM perpetrators and clinics from 28 nations around the globe including Germany, France, Egypt, Israel, Russia, Japan, Indonesia, Australia and the States. ‘D$Dnet’ is genetics-driven and promising to improve prenatal tests promising selective abortion of intersex babies.    >>> read more 

At ‘D$Dnet’, persons concerned and their organisations are ‘consulted’ by name only. Same goes for EU-funded ‘DSD-Life’, where the usual perpetrators themselves are handsomely paid to ‘investigate’ their own handiwork:

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6 Million Euro Intersex Perpetrators’ ‘Research’ incl. ‘Ethics Band Aid’
“Multidisciplinary Teams” =
Pedo Endos
(‘PädEndo’) + Surgeons (‘Chirurgie’)
= Same since the beginning of systematic Intersex Genital Mutilations in 1950

The EU (and other involved states) not only allow such ‘research’ and the daily mutilations to continue, but actively support them – how much longer?!

Prohibition under Criminal Law and prolonging the statutes of limitations in order to allow adult IGM survivors to sue is the key to end Intersex Genital Mutilations!

Intersex people need strong legislation against all forms of IGM practices, access to redress and justice including review of statutes of limitations, and TRUTH & RECONCILIATION COMMISSIONS, also in the European Union – NOT ‘D$D’ perpetrators’ ‘research’ and ‘anti-discrimination’ cover-ups!!

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