Call to Sign Open Letter of Concern to ’53rd ESPE 2014′

>>> Dublin Sept 18–20: Peaceful Intersex Protests vs. ’53rd ESPE’ 2014

STOP Intersex Genital Mutilation! on FacebookDear fellow intersex people, friends, and allies

Please find here the >>> Draft of the Open Letter of Concern (PDF) to D$D docs’ ’53rd Annual Meeting of the European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology’, and Irish D$D clinics and universities, which we ask intersex people and allies (and their organisations) to sign, and which we will hand over to the addressees on occasion of the peaceful protests starting next Thursday in Dublin (as a follow-up to last year’s Open Letter to ESPE/PES/etc.’s ‘9th Joint Meeting’ in Milan).

HOW TO SIGN: Please send an email to (replace _at_ with @) with your NAME, CITY, COUNTRY, and (if applicable) ORGANISATION so we can add your signature. THANKS!

(In case you want to sign the letter not on behalf of your organisation, but in personal capacity, just add ‘Personal Capacity, Affiliation given for identification purposes only’ behind your name and organisation.)

Feel free to spread this invitation to other parties and individuals concerned! Corrections welcome (please remember English is only our third language).
Please respond quickly! Thanks for adding your signature to let the doctors know that it’s NOT OK to cosmetically alter children’s genitals!

Kind regards

Daniela “Nella” Truffer, Markus Bauer
Founding members human rights NGO

>>> Dublin Sept 18–20: Peaceful Intersex Protests vs. ’53rd ESPE’ 2014 

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