Germany to be examined by UN Committee against Torture (CAT) – Shadow Report documents ongoing Intersex Genital Mutilation

2019-CAT-Germany-NGO-Intersex-StopIGMNext week, Germany will be examined by the UN Committee against Torture (CAT). The Committee already reprimanded Germany for IGM practices in 2011, explicitly urging the Government to, inter alia, “adopt legal provisions in order to provide redress to the victims of such treatment, including adequate compensation”.

A Thematic Intersex NGO Report by / (PDF) provides solid evidence of ongoing IGM practices in Germany, and how despite repeated Government promises there are still no legal protections for intersex children at risk (p. 14-16, 21-22) and no access to redress and justice for IGM survivors (p. 22-23, 27-31), in clear contradiction of the 2011 CAT binding recommendations for Germany.

The report further documents recent developments including

  • Minister’s conference proposes “legal ban” of IGM (p. 17)
  • Inter-Ministerial Working Group on Intersexuality and Transsexuality states IGM “may constitute bodily injury”, suggests “clarifying prohibition”  (p. 18)
  • Coalition Agreement promises legal prohibition of IGM (p. 19)
  • CCPR raises “non-emergency” surgery, “obstacles in access to justice” (p. 19)
  • CESCR64: Germany promises “legislation” to prohibit IGM (p. 19)
  • Minister of Justice promises “legal provision” to “end this practice”  (p. 20)
  • Social Court: Involuntary, non-urgent Clitorectomy = “state of the art” legal medical Intervention “serv[ing] the well-being of the patient”  (p. 20) will be reporting live from Geneva, hoping for tough questions on IGM – and for yet another strong reprimand for IGM practices for Germany!

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