1st Intersex-Protest vs. ‘ISHID Live Mutilator Workshop’, 21.06.15

>>> Intersex Protests + Info: ‘6th I$HID Hypospadias Live Surgery Workshop’

Nonviolent Protest #1 vs. ‘6th I$HID Hypospadias Workshop’, Seligenstadt 21.06.2015

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First photo impressions of the protests vs. the ‘I$HID’ congress kicking off near Frankfurt/Main (Germany). Like virtually always we had good talks with passers-by, and also some interesting to memorable ones with some ‘I$HID’ participants – though as to be expected they were mostly pretty incorrigible and didn’t (want to) know anything at all about human rights.

But were here to raise awareness, and to build nonviolent pressure. Even ‘I$HID’ chief mutilator Prof. Ahmed T. Hadidi himself was seen sneeking about our protest and looking over sceptically …

Tomorrow the unspeakable live mutilations will start – and our nonviolent protests will continue, both in front of ‘I$HID’ HQ ‘MainChateau’ and in front of the local Emma Klinik, from where the live mutilations will be televised to ‘MainChateau’.

Thanks to everybody who already signed the Open Letter! See you where the action is!

>>> Intersex Protests + Info: ‘6th I$HID Hypospadias Live Surgery Workshop’

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